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Our History

Our History
1,200 years ago, on a hot day in the shadows of the Taygetos Mountains of Southern Greece, a frail seedling took root in the harsh, chalky soil.

Today that tree, as large and sturdy as the rough stone houses built in the nearby village of Anogia, is the oldest producer of fine olives in the Panagakos family groves. This tree and others like it yield the best olive oil in all of Greece and some say the world.

The right combination of sun, soil, temperature and just enough rain results in the perfect climate for growing olives. At each harvest, olives are handpicked and pressed in the village co-op. The oil that results has a deep amber/green glow and is never runny nor watery. Yet despite its rich, full bodied appearance, the taste is surprisingly delicate.

This flavorful treat brings out the best in a variety of foods. Enjoy it on pastas, salads, or like the villagers of Anogia in a shallow saucer to be dipped and savored with a thick slice of country bread.

Executive Chef Chuck Simmons went to his wife's village in Anogia Greece and sampled this olive oil for the first time. He immediately fell in love and knew it would be the perfect gift for those with real appreciation for flavor. Now his mission is to share it with the rest of the world!

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